Practice Areas

IP Prosecution

We take the time to carve out the core of each invention by in-depth discussion with the inventor. We translate this core into an application, taking into account the peculiarities of German, European, and international patent law, if required. We care about details. We prosecute the application in an efficient and result-oriented way, as we know the relevant procedural law by heart and seek dialogues with the Examiner. At the same time, we apply all important aspects during drafting, prosecuting and maintaining of your patents, which will be relevant in potential post-grant litigation. Your value: IP rights with highest quality at reasonable prices.

Opposition and Appeal Proceedings

We have far above average experience and knowledge in opposition and appeal proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office and the Federal Patent Court. We know the respective Rules of Procedure and the relevant case law by heart. We provide you with realistic assessments on the strength of a case. We cultivate contacts with Judges and Examiners. We fight for you. Your value: Powerful attacks on the rights of your competitor; steadfast defenses of your own IP.

IP Litigation

All members of our firm are experienced in handling IP litigation cases in the respective technical fields. Our firm is currently involved in multiple infringement actions and we cooperate with Attorneys at law of renowned law firms. If validity of patents or utility models is concerned, we represent our clients in complex cases at the Federal Patent Court, the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office. In addition, our experience in entitlement actions is more than average and we have managed several such cases with national and international reach.

IP Due Diligence

Intellectual property rights can have a huge influence on your companies value, whether you are running a multinational company or you are running a start-up. Especially when it comes to Merger&Acquisition it is important to know your and your competitor’s IP rights. We can help you in evaluating, e.g. the strength and weaknesses of your IP portfolio, whether your portfolio sufficiently covers your products, whether you may face an attack from your competitors, and will closely work with you to optimize your situation.

IP Strategy

Protecting your inventions comprehensively requires a combination of various intellectual property right such as patents, utility models, trademarks and designs as well as a good understanding of your technology. We advise you in finding and implementing the best solution according to your companies needs.

Freedom to Operate

Bringing a new product to market always bears the risk of infringing your competitor’s IP rights. We will help you in analyzing your product, searching for relevant IP rights and to work with you to find the right solution to either avoid patent infringement or attack your competitors rights.